Lynn, your Lifestyle Vacation Expert, at Ocean World in Puerto Plata with an adorable Sea Lion.

Jodi, with the best pair of eyes ever to ensure your reservations are 100% perfect, near her home in Northern California.

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Welcome! We rent Villas, Suites and Studios at Lifestyle Resorts in Puerto Plata and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic plus Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Above are photos taken at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort in Puerto Plata.

Check out the videos to the right to see highlights of our last two trips to Presidential Suites: Punta Cana and Lifestyle Villas in Puerto Plata.

Enjoy a quick tour of the Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Cancun, Palm, Sens and Tulum in Mexico.

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FAQs Lifestyle Resort: Puerto Plata

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Crown Villas Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Puerto PlataPresidential Suites Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Puerto PlataThe Royal Suites: Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Puerto Plata
Presidential Suites: Punta Cana Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Crown Suites: Puerto Plata DR Lifestyle Resort
The Grand Oasis Palm: Cancun Lifestyle ResortGrand Oasis Sens: Cancun, Mexico Lifestyle ResortGrand Oasis Tulum: Cancun Mexico Lifestyle Resort

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Don't take our word for it. Here's what our guests have to say.

Thank you so much for making the booking process so easy for everyone! It made it so easy for me as well.
Thank you so much for all the informative emails you sent. I am Dominican, and that was so helpful. It was something I did not have to take care of.
Thank you for all the tips and suggestions! You have no idea how much it helped me :)
We all loved the hotel, the service, the food and the beautiful beaches! Everyone had the best vacation ever, they even called it “Paradise”. Thank you so much!
Me and Robbie loved the presidential suite as you said! Everything turned out to be great :).
My now husband’s family :)  is talking about going back there :). They loved it that much!
It was a pleasure working with you.
Dayvett U Wedding, April 2015, Villas, Pres Suite, Royal Suite, Beach Studios, Tropical Jr. Suites

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to experience the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club Resort. I had an amazing time in Puerto Plata with my fiancé! The resort was amazing! The actual facility was beautiful and very well thought of. We did not want to leave!
Like every other resort, Lifestyle Holidays has areas of perfection as well as areas that could use additional improvement. But overall I loved it! My fiancé is confident that he would like for us to spent our honeymoon in a Lifestyle Holidays property. Which is great because that makes one portion of the wedding planning checked off our checklist! :)
Again, thank you Lynn for allowing all this to be possible!
Rosa M, Tropical Studio

Thank you for arranging our fantastic vacation again this year.  Although I am a repeat visitor to the resort, there is nothing quite like staying in a Villa.
Our location (Villa 29) was fantastic and a short walk to VIP World and pool.  Our Concierge (Jeff) was amazing to say the least.  I almost felt guilty with how much he spoiled us with taking care of any and all requests that we had.  I also never expected quite an elaborate breakfast every morning from our maid – I could get used to that!
We never thought that we would actually hang out at the Villa, but it was so nice to jump in the pool of my own little slice of paradise.  We brought floating lounge chairs and a hand pump which made for a very relaxing experience.
We tried a few restaurants for the first time and had fantastic dinners.  Jazz is absolutely beautiful and served 5 star dinners.  We tried the new BBQ restaurant next to the Dominican restaurant and enjoyed that too.
Flying into Santiago went well and our driver was waiting for us even though we were about 3 hours late due to delays at JFK.
Once again, thank you for your attention to detail and I’ll be getting our dates together for next year very soon.
Jeff B, 3BR Villa, March 2015

Hi Lynn. Its been few weeks since, but the memories are still so vivid, so here we are. We had the greatest time ‘ever’ at the resort. It exceeded all our expectations and we’re looking forward to go back and refer to you some of our friends & relatives. Thanks for all your help & guidance.

Aaron & Fay, Beach Studio, August 2014

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