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Vacation Memories Posts

Walking to falls

Nature Hike with Sylvie in Puerto Plata, DR

Our guides, Sylvie and her friend Mario, picked us up at the Tropical Lobby at Lifestyle Resort. We road in an open-air truck about 30 minutes through Puerto Plata to a small road. After a quick stop at a corner grocery store for bottled water, we continued on the road, passing homes, a baseball diamond […]


Dove Mission: Hope For The Future

by Ed Gwynn and Lyndsey Davison Click here for a 1 minute video “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” – Maya Angelou While working with the […]

Snorkeling at Paradise Island

Should we bring our snorkeling equipment to Lifestyle Resort?

I’ve taken our snorkeling equipment to the resort many times, and I am usually glad. A few years ago, I snorkeled with four of our children  right off Serenity Beach. We enjoyed seeing the small fish swim among the sea grass and sand divets. Both times we went on the Paradise Island tour we brought […]

Vacation Location Posts

The Pirate bay

Cofresi The Pirate: Part I

by Mark Davison He’s a man of many myths, most describing a dashing gallant who sails across the ocean, pillaging ships with intentions to give whatever riches he finds to the poor. His statues can be seen throughout the Caribbean, romanticizing his likeness. His name is Roberto Cofresi, sometimes known as the Puerto Rican Robin […]


The Story of Cofresi The Pirate: Part II

By Mark Davison There are debates as to why Cofresi gave up the merchant life to become a pirate. Some say it was because of harassment he faced from foreign sailors, mostly British, while others say it was because he had a privateer in his family and wished to become one as well. However, the […]

Beautiful Hammock on Serenity Beach

Are the beaches for guests only or are they public?

All of the beaches in the Dominican Republic are public. However, because of several rocky outcroppings, it is inconvenient for the public to access the resort’s beaches, so not many people are there that aren’t guests. However, you will find a couple of shops on Cofresi beach that are not affiliated with the resort, including one where […]