Let’s Raise Our Kids to Live Remarkable Lives

We all want our kids to become their best selves — because we love them.

Schools provide reading, writing, social studies, math and science skills. But they can’t teach our children how to craft a good life. That’s our job.

What do we want for them? A life filled with happiness and lifelong fulfillment.

It’s easy to say, hard to do.

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Just look around you. You’ll find people living a messed up, disappointing life. Or maxing out in a couple of important areas like finance and career, but failing to attend to health or relationships.

Living a healthy, wealthy, wise life is truly remarkable.

Blogging about how to live a healthy, wealthy, wise life doesn’t mean mine is. But I feel like I’m on a great path making progress because of my GPS for Life.

Over two decades ago, I left my corporate job to teach myself and my kids how to create a great life — and accidentally created my GPS for Life. It’s made a big difference.

  • I’ve conquered indecision and overwhelm.
  • I’ve stopped overeating and lost 20 pounds.
  • I’ve stopped overworking and got my health back.
  • I’ve stopped overspending and enjoy financial contentment.
  • I’ve stopped taking care of so many things. Our house is lean. We can tell someone where to find something and it is there. My paper files are minimal and my digital files are organized.

There’s lots more to do, but I feel more focused.

I’d like to teach it to you to help make life easier for you and your kids.

Look at any profession where the stakes are high and you’ll see a well-thought-out plan being followed. Professionals just don’t wing it.

Doctors follow a treatment plan. Airline pilots follow a flight plan. Entrepreneurs follow a business plan.

While no one can guarantee your success, having a GPS for Life and teaching your children to create their own dramatically increases the probability of creating the lives you want.

The most noble, courageous, important thing that you could ever do in your life is to figure out exactly what you want, what will make you truly content and truly satisfied, and never stop acting on it until you bring it into reality.

And then teach your children how to do it.

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